tisdag 3 april 2012

Swedish Career Fair 16 May 2012 - Svenska Ambassaden

              Dear Sirs,
        Last year the Embassy of Sweden organised a Career Fair for students and alumni who would like to work for a Swedish company in Russia. The results were very encouraging and 16 May a similar event is planned on a larger scale on the premises of the Tax Academy of the Russian Federation at the new building 2 minutes from metro station Kuzminki.
        We are hoping to attract 200-250 visitors if not more. This time our main focus will be on graduating students, as several of last year’s participating companies mentioned this in the evaluations. The event is open to the public, but registration by email will in principle be required. The working languages will be English and Russian.
        The Embassy of Sweden in Russia has an up-to-date database of more than 1000 people who have been studying in Sweden or are interested in getting a job at a Swedish company. Many of them are acquainted with Swedish business culture. We want to give you an opportunity to access educated and highly motivated young Russians. The main aim of the event is matchmaking for companies and potential employees. At the same time we would like to promote Swedish business culture and the Swedish approach to Corporate Social Responsibility in Russia. We are planning to invite business press as well. If you are interested you may inform us what universities you prefer and we will get in contact with them to specifically invite their students to the event.
        There are several options of participating in the Swedish Career Fair:
1) Presentations of your company in a dedicated room as part of the official program
2) Stands or tables with corporate logo for individual talks
3) Lectures on CSR, education or other relevant topics as part of the official program
        Obviously, it will also be possible to spread information about current vacancies in your companies. This time we are also planning to print a catalogue of participating companies.
        Participation is free of charge but we expect participating companies to show commitment to the event in terms of presentations and/or stands.
If you would like to participate please contact Nadezhda Ryahovskaya at nadja.ryahovskaya@foreign.ministry.se or Anna Fomenkova at anja.fomenkova@foreign.ministry.se to discuss further details.
Tel. +7 (495) 937 92 00

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