söndag 8 april 2012


Dear walkers, colleagues and friends,
The official launch of "Moscow Walks. Spring" is now on Monday 16th April, 7.30pm in LPQ Moscow City. Below is an invitation to that and a few other events. This trip to Russia is as brief as the Moscow spring itself, but I hope to see as many of you as possible...
Saturday, 14th April - The celebrations kick off on Saturday night, 14th April, at Davina's Studio on Petrovka with a few drinks and another chaotic pub crawl. Drinks, art and books in the studio from 8pm; pub crawl starting there at 9pm... (no fixed finishing time - simply leave when you've had enough).
(To find the studio (26 Petrovka, Building 5, Apt 102)
Davina says "Go through the archway opposite Azbuka Fkusa shop, turn left inside the courtyard. Keep left until you can go no further and my entrance is pink next to the car barrier on the right. You can call Davina on 89636126096 if you need to.)
Sunday 15th April - A morning hike through Bittsevsky Forest. Leaving at 11.30am from the Moo Moo cafe (come earlier for brunch) close to Chertanovskaya metro station (grey line, 20 mins south of centre) http://www.cafemumu.ru/contacts.php?s=d1esmnrk1 and reaching Novoyasenevskaya metro (orange line) around 2pm...
As always, everyone is welcome. Bring a mobile and my number +7926 464 4352 just in case you can't find the meeting point. About 9km, could be muddy. (I do know this is not the best time of year for woodland walks in Moscow, but these are the routes I'm checking up on!)
On Sunday afternoon, any time from 4-8pm, do drop in to flat 31 at 8 Malaya Molchanovka (round the back of Dom Knigi off Novy Arbat; map below) if you want to buy a book, get a book signed or just have a more peaceful chat than is usually possible at the launch parties. There will also be copies of Luke's book available (in the new paperback edition) for 400 roubles. If anyone would like a personalised signed copy, let me know asap. NB: NOT a party this time as Jane and Patrick are busy - just a very informal chance to get together (and maybe drink a couple of bottles of vodka)... - plus another pub crawl from 8pm?

Monday, 16th April - "Miracles, monuments and marshes" - two partly experimental hikes along the Yauza valley, attempting to link the Sokolniki walk from the winter volume with a route planned for the summer book. Meet in or near the Schokaladnitsa cafe (http://shoko.ru/moskva/adresa_kofeen_moskva_i_mo/sokolniki) near Sokolniki metro (RED line) at 10am for a walk through the Park and along the river, reaching Botanichesky Sad metro (orange line) around 1pm and continuing from there for an afternoon stroll as far as Babushinskaya metro near the top of the orange line (arriving around 3pm). I am hoping to find somewhere to eat on the way, but bring a snack just in case...

See you soon,
UK mobile = 07722589571
Russian mobile = +7926 464 4352 (Moscow weeks only)

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