måndag 16 april 2012

Barndom i Sovjetunionen..

Läs artikeln om hur några ryssar minns sin barndom från Sovjettiden - många härliga minnen... Det är psykologen Marilyn Murray som igen i Moscow Times ger sig i kast med ryssars mentalitet och idag handlar det om hur man minns sin Sovjetiska barndom...

Thanks to Dear Stalin for a Happy Childhood

Multitudes of children raised in the former Soviet Union relate that they do have many happy childhood memories — despite sundry negative circumstances. In our advanced classes where participants research their family history, one day is spent with each person sharing their most cherished memories. Through their stories, I have learned a great deal about what it meant to be a Soviet child. As you read these quotes, let the memories wash over you — as they did me.
Many men and women treasured their times with their grandparents, who often served as primary caretakers year round or during summer vacations, when the children stayed at their grandparents' dacha or at a collective farm in a small village. 

"I remember sitting with my grandmother as she told us about her life. There was a great view of the river and the beautiful rolling hills. The voice of blood still calls to me from there."

"Grandmother had bees, and there is nothing better than fresh milk and grandmother's freshly baked bread with fresh honey."

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