söndag 6 maj 2012

Mer om Segerdagen - ons 9/5 - på engelska...

Här från Moscow In Your Pocket:

09.05 Wednesday
10:00 Victory Day
In most parts of Europe, Victory in Europe (VE) Day (the day the
Germans signed the declaration of surrender during World War
II) is celebrated on May 08. The Germans signed the declaration
at 23:00 May 08, which due to the time difference meant
that in the USSR it was already May 09 - hence the former
Soviet Union countries mark Victory Day (Dyen Pobedy) on
May 09. Victory Day is one of Russia’s most popular public

The celebrations start at 10:00 with a huge military
parade (often featuring tanks and missile launchers as well
as infantry) down Tverskaya ulitsa and across Red Square.
The parade is then followed by a big street party with singing,
music and lots of hugs and flowers for the survivors of the

Parks and gardens across the city also put on special
events for the many veterans of what Russians call ‘the Great
Patriotic War’ and in general the whole day is a joyful event
honouring the many millions of Russians who were affected.

The day ends with a huge firework display over the Moscow
river and the Kremlin area at 22:00. To get into the spirit of
things head out and buy some red carnations and greet any
veterans you see with a hearty ‘s dnyom pobedy’ (happy
Victory day) and a flower.

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