måndag 26 september 2011

SOS International

Det här hittade jag om SOS International på FB, vet inte om det stämmer men i alla fall..

Warning for all of you using the International SOS Clinic or their other services in Russia! As some of you may be aware, SOS HQ (seemingly located in Paris) has done everything to bring their formerly wonderful clinic in Moscow to its knees, and unless anyone has heard otherwise, the closure of the Moscow clinic is imminent. However, unfortunately their management abroad and in Moscow (what's left of them) has failed to reply to any messages and questions sent to them, so if you or your company are an SOS client, beware. Get your files and documents before they are lost, and better yet, contact their Paris HQ (the names of their management couplet can be found on their website): http://www.internationalsos.com/en/philosophy.htm.

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