lördag 24 september 2011

Lavka Lavka, ekologisk matmarknad på Strelka söndag 25/9

Lavka Lavka är en internetshop för ekologiskt producerade matvaror. Inte helt billigt, men ekologiskt lär det vara. Tex en 'doktorskaya' korv ca 560 g kostar 545 Rubler (skrev fel först) - men då är det ekologiskt!
På söndag den 25:e har de 'farmers market' på¨Strelka vid Red October i centrala Moskva, läs mer här nedan.Address: 14, bldg. 5A, Bersenevskaya Embankment Moscow, Metro: Kropotkinskaya

An amazing event will take place in Strelka. Lavka Lavka celebrates harvest season! All of their wonderful farmers will come over to sell organic food directly to the customer. We’re too excited about the announcement of 12 types of mushrooms on offer.  But if you don’t feel like cooking, join the longest dinner table Moscow’s ever seen and indulge in what the city’s best chefs (including Strelka’s Nathan and Nathalie and Glenn Ballis from Nedalny Vostok) will prepare. Dinner will include 3 courses with alcohol and won’t be cheap - prepare to part with 2500r. Not your budget? There will be other snack options available and free Grey Goose vodka drinks. FREE. That’s the spirit!
ps Lavka is becoming even more expat-friendly with Bojan - the Serbian in the family, who is fluent in English and will be your personal assistant/adviser and fairy godmother when it comes to Organic Farmers’ Food. Check their website for more. 

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