onsdag 3 oktober 2012

Moscow Times 20 ar!

Las artikeln fran.. Moscow Times om ... Moscow Times 20 ar! 
Las aven om Derk Sauer Moscow Times grundare:
Derk Sauer

Derk Sauer: "20 Years Later"

Why leave a comfortable life and home in Amsterdam and move into a tiny, roach-infested Moscow apartment? The image of Moscow in 1989 was of a city with dark and dirty streets, empty shops and long lines. "Can’t we move to New York instead?" my wife, Ellen, asked in response to my proposal to come with me and bring our 9-month-old son, Tom, along. Of course, her reaction did not surprise me in the least. But I said that no, we cannot move to New York — we are going to Moscow, to a city where history is being made. The Soviet Union still existed, but after the Berlin Wall fell and Gorbachev gained influence, change was in the air.
Dessutom finns en fotoutstallning pa Multimediamuseet med bilder fran dessa 20 ar. Oppnade den 2:a oktober:

Photobook & Exhibition

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, The Moscow Times is choosing the best works in its photo archive for a photo album as well as an exhibition at the Moscow House of Photography.
The selected works comprise the MT's most captivating images of Russia over the past two decades, as seen through the eyes of foreign journalists.
The exhibition will be curated by Olga Sviblova.
Photo Exhibition
Moscow. Times.
1992 – 2012.
People. Events. City Life

2-24, October, 2012
at the Multimedia Art Museum
(Moscow House of Photography)

Ostozhenka st., 16, Moscow, +7 (495)
12:00—21:00, every day, monday closed

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