tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Marilyn Murray fortsatter om ryssar...

Marilyn Murray, amerikansk psykolog med mycket stor erfarenhet och med egna rotter i Rysslan skriver vidare om ryssar och Ryssland. Idag handlar det om att tala sanning eller inte. Artikeln fran Moscow Times.

When I first arrived in Moscow, I soon learned that if I asked if something could be done and I received the answer, "OK, no problem," that did not mean I could expect for the deed to be accomplished. Many times when I left for the United States and had paid for various tasks to be done by the time I returned in two months, I came back to a job that was either done incorrectly or not at all. In fact, several times the other person acted as though our conversation concerning the job had never taken place.
I found lies were more acceptable than admitting a lack of knowledge about how to do what I had requested. Or they had overcommitted and rather than telling me that they would not be able to accomplish my request, they simply procrastinated and kept insisting that the job was "almost done," when in fact, it had not even been started.
When speaking with Russian friends about my frustration in such situations, they laughed and said, "That's normal here!"

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