måndag 15 oktober 2012

GARAGE och G Cafe

Enligt deras hemsida sa oppnar snart GARAGE, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture - det moderna galleriet som drivs av Dasha Zhukova (Abramovichs flickvan). Sa har star det:

20 October 2012 Garage is opening the temporary pavilion in Gorky Park near Pionersky pond, a new venue for exhibitions, lectures, workshops, film screenings, concerts and kids activities, with cafe and book store.
The pavilion is designed by internationally acclaimed architect Shigeru Ban.
Dasha Zhukova said, “Garage’s move to Gorky Park is an exciting new stage in its development. There was never a doubt in our mind in the choice of architect for the construction of a temporary space. Shigeru Ban is known for his masterful construction of unique buildings in challenging circumstances, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with him in Gorky Park.”

G Cafe ar ett lunchstalle i Gorki Park som nyligen oppnat och drivas av GARAGE. Las mer om G Cafe har fran Moscow News.
Pionersky Pond, Gorky Park, 9 Ul. Krymsky Val, (903) 969 3425, m. Oktyabrskaya/ Park Kultury, www.facebook.com/welcometogcafe
Open Mon.-Thu. 10 am-11 pm, Fri.-Sun. 10 am-midnight

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