tisdag 20 mars 2012

Psykologen har talat igen...

Marilyn Murray som jag skrev om häromdagen hade sin första artikel i Moscow Times idag - hon jämför ryssar och amerikaner - intressant och läsvärt! Läs..

'Left-Brained Americans, Right-Brained Russians' 
He was a handsome Russian physician, about 45 years old, attending one of my Murray Method classes in early 2003. As he spoke, his face flushed with intensity.
"The Soviet system deliberately kept us as dependent children," he said. "They told us when to sit, when to stand, what to say, what to think, what to do — we were punished severely if we ever tried to think for ourselves or to show any initiative. Then when the Soviet system fell in 1991, we were like 3-year-olds who someone had thrown out into the snow, saying, 'Here, now you go take care of yourselves!'"

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