torsdag 29 mars 2012

Alternativ syn på Vladimir Putin

Jon Hellevig
Helene tipsade om artikeln från Passport Magazine av finske Jon Hellevig, advokat som bott och arbetat i Moskva sedan 90-talet som här presenterar en mer positiv bild av Rysslands blivande president.

'Putin – Democracy in the Making' 

It was up to Yeltsin to start to get the country in order, but he came too late. Gorbachev’s perestroika had already transformed the country into a total criminal anarchy. With no more than a handful of honest and trusted people around him Yeltsin could not achieve much in those conditions of anarchy and virtual civil war. But according to western propaganda, this period of the 1990’s is referred to as democracy, which supposedly was then destroyed by Putin.
Putin has already announced significant liberalization of the election laws, among them the proposition to further lower the threshold for registering parties with nationwide status. We will probably never see a similar liberalization of corresponding US laws, a country where two parties share an eternal monopoly to power.

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