torsdag 7 juli 2011

Ny Moskva-beach i Gorky Park och 'Updates' blogg..

I självaste Gorky Park finns en ny 'beach', ja man kan inte bada i floden men väl solbada. Se mer här från en blogg om vad som händer i Moskva och St Petersburg: UPDATES

As part of the recently initiated revamp of Gorky Park, a new ‘beach’ has opened on the Moscow River’s Pushkinskaya Embankment near the park’s rear entrance.
Swimming is not sanctioned in this part of the Moscow River, but everything else is at guests’ disposal for a day of sunbathing and drinking cocktails.
Designed to resemble the form of sand dunes made from wood, the beach has deck chairs, showers, changing rooms, olive trees in pots and a cafe/bar called Olivkovy Plyazh, opened by the prolific Ginza Project team. Entrance to the beach is free, but use of a deck chair costs 600 roubles a day.

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