tisdag 8 februari 2011

Phoebe Taplin lämnar Ryssland...

Phoebe Taplin, med de trevliga och lärorika promenaderna kommer eventuellt att lämna Ryssland pga att hennes man blivit nekad inresa. Så här skriver hon:

Dear Walkers, dear Friends,
Some of you may have heard or seen the news that my husband was denied entry to 
Russia on
Saturday night. Sadly, this means that the kids and I will soon be following him 
back to England and I have far less time left in Russia than I had hoped. But I 
am hoping to carry on with the walks as usual so those that are already 
scheduled remain the same.
I can't quite think ahead to next week. We don't know exactly when we will be 
moving yet. I will try to update you all at the end of the week. I hope this 
isn't the end of the road for the walks (so to speak). I have hopes if returning 
to Russia in my own right in the future and enjoying a few more walk then. I 
will keep you all posted. Thank you for all the support, both now and back in 
November. It means a lot,
Phoebe Taplin

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