tisdag 26 november 2013

Ny Moskva service.

Welcome to SOS Moscow!

Have you ever thought about your life in Moscow being challenging and a bit complicated?

Have you ever imagined life in Moscow could be easier, better, more organized, let's say almost being like at home?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions then SOS Moscow is definitely "the right place for you"!

SOS Moscow will be there for you in all funny, tricky and desperate situations whether it is about moving in, living in Moscow or moving out from this city, like:
• Buying or selling cars, furniture, school uniform, skates, books, cupcakes, tickets...
• Promoting/Advertising your home business
• Looking for good suggestions or advises where to go for shopping, dinner, weekend, vacation…
• Looking for new driver, babysitter, cleaning lady, teachers, tutors, activities…
• Needing help with Russian language
• Looking for tailor made services just for you like birthday or any theme parties, tourist tours, internet ordering...whatever you think of we will try to find solution for it together with you (service fee upon request)

How does it work?
• Accept the SOS Moscow Google group invitation sent in the separate email (check your inbox or spam folder)
• Start using the benefits:
1. Advertise in SOS Moscow Google group by sending email to sosmoscow@gmail.com (e.g. I am selling girls skates size 32, photo attached, call me or send me an email)
2. Reply to other members requests by emailing them directly (e.g. I am interested in buying the skates, what is the price?)
3. Recommend SOS Moscow to your friends by asking them to send email to sosmoscow@gmail.com
• Daily, SOS Moscow will forward all the request to all SOS Moscow members

Join SOS Moscow now and enjoy all the above (except tailor made services) for free during the introduction period until January the 31st 2014!

Looking forward having you on board and making your life in Moscow easy and simple!

Yours SOS Moscow Team

Michaela & Kristina

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