fredag 24 augusti 2012

Öppna Förskolan startar torsdag 30 augusti

Öppna Förskolan, i regi av Katerina Cronstedt kör i gang för höstsasongen nu pa torsdag den 30 sugusti Nedan en halsning fran Katya. Nya och Gamla deltagare Valkomna! All info om plats och kontakt finns pa hemsidan.

Dear Friends,
Welcome back after the summer holidays! We have had a wonderful time in Sweden - hope you all had nice vacation as well. Our youngest - Oscar - was born on June 5th and on August 3rd we had a Christening ceremony for him. Now he looks forward to meet all of his friends!
First meet up is next week: Thursday August 30th. We meet as usual between 10:00 and 13:00. Sing, play, swim and have lunch.
Hope to see you on Thursday, let me know if you can join us.
Carl and I with Oscar

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