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'Maglehem — a place on Earth' på MMOMA från 9 augusti

Vi påminner igen alla att gå och titta på utställningen på MMOMA som startar den 8 augusti med vernissage...  Länk till museets hemsida.
Address: 9 Tverskoy boulevard, Moscow («Pushkinskaya» or «Tverskaya» metro stations), Tel: (+7 495) 694 2890, Mon.-Sun. 12:00 - 20:00, Ticket Office closes at 19:15, Thursday 13:00 - 21:00, Ticket Office closes at 20:15, The Museum is closed last Monday of the month
Du som är medem i SWEA Moskva är Välkommen på vernissagen den 8 augusti kl 19, maila mig, ordfsweamoskva@gmail.com så skickar jag inbjudan!

Maglehem-artists at The Moscow Museum of Modern Art

 “When the view makes a difference”

The village of Maglehem (Population 250) is situated in the bay of Hanö on the south east coast of Baltic Sea. During the last 60 years the area has attracted many artists who have found inspiration in its unique nature. The relationship between the artistic expression and this nature is the point of departure for this exhibition. On August 8 2011 a comprehensive exhibition opens at MMOMA under the banner Maglehem A Place On Earth - -“When the view makes a difference”

Fifteen artists, all living and working in and around Maglehem, will exhibit paintings, sculptures, lithography and drawings. In addition, the film “Reflections of the Eye” a forty-five minute documentary by the filmmaker Robin Woo Söderberg will be shown. The film introduces the artists, the nature and how art and nature are woven together in so many different ways. The book, Maglehem A Place On Earth, presents the artists through a series of interviews. The Russian photographer, Maria Ionova Gribina shows her large, powerful portraits of each of the fifteen artists

The project has its origin in the culture association, Maglekultur. It is their hope that this unique exhibition will inspire similar cross cultural initiatives beyond Maglehem and Moscow and take root wherever artists are expressing the bond between creation and sacred nature.

The fifteen participating artists going to Moscow are:
Jan-Bertil Andersson, Håkan Berg, Åke Carlström, Pia Carlström, Maria Hillfon, Curt Hillfon, Thomas Larsson, Åsa Lindsjö, Anna Rochegova-Cederholm, Malin Schönbeck, Annika Fajersson, Christer Wedman, Erika Wedman, Gunilla Widholm, Irene Trotzig and the Moscow based photographer Maria Ionova Gribina
For further information please contact:

Lars Cederholm
Project Leader                      
Maglehems Kulturförening (www.maglekultur.se) and/or for personal contact:

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