onsdag 24 augusti 2011

Konst av Galina Ivanova pa Gamborg Gallery

Verk av Galina Ivanova
Danske Allan Gamborg driver galleri har i Moskva med fokus pa Sovjetisk konst. Pa lordag 27/8, har han oppet hus och en speciell visning av verk av Galina Ivanova. Fran kl 13-18. Valkomna! Se nedan mer info.

This time we show  a series of temperas and lithographs by Galina Ivanova (1937-2009). Galina Ivanovna Ivanova was born in Moscow in 1937. In 1959 she graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute named after V.P. Potemkin. She participated in her first exhibition in 1961, and in 1967 she joined the Artist Union, the graphics section. During the 1960s and 1970s she travelled extensively in the Soviet Union, depiction the old cultural centres of Russia, and the ancient churches. During the 1970s, she printed a large series of images of the old Moscow, around the Patriarch's Ponds and the Garden Ring. Her favourite media were lithography and watercolour. In particular her lithographs are very recognisable, in her personal soft and pastel-like style.

You can see examples of his works here : Galina Ivanova

Our address is: Petrovskii Bulvar 17, 2nd entrance, 4th floor, flat 23. The entrance is directly from the Boulevard ring, between Petrovka st. and Tsvetnoj Bulvar (nearest Metro: Trubnaya Ploschyad – also walking distance from Pushkinskaya Metro). Telephone: +7 903 790-6099.

I hope many of you will show up - and please remember that if you cannot make it to the Open House, you are always welcome to arrange a private viewing. Just give us a ring.

Also remember regularly to visit our website: GAMBORG GALLERY

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