tisdag 5 februari 2013

Nanny/hushallerska finnes

I highly recommend our nanny Angela Moreno. Angela is with us for the previous 1,5 years. She takes care of my 2,5 years old son Vincent. She works as a nanny 2-3 times per week for us, but is searching for a 2. part-time job. Either as a housekeeper or a a nanny. While Vincent's naps Angela also supports me with laundry or other household stuff. 
Angela is amazing in kids entertainment. Besides playing she reads a lot of books, teaches Vincent in numbers, letters and colours, takes him out to the playground and even goes with him to exercising classes or our German playgroup when I am busy. 
I would really like to point out her playing skills. It is a big pleasure to watch her playing with my son and sometimes also with his friends. Her game is full of imagination and fun.
She is always patient with Vincent and supports my view of kids education totally. She knows a lot of about children nutrition and never spoils Vincent with sweets etc. She always take care that Vincent gets enough fruits and vegetables during the day.
Angela is a from the Philippines and her English is very good. This is very important for us. We plan to live abroad for the next years and she is in charge of Vincent's English skills.
Further Angela is very reliable. I can't remember any time that she was not able to come to work. She is always on time. From beginning on I had a lot of trust in her, because she is very sovereign. Thank God she never had an emergency case with Vincent, but I know for sure that she would manage it well.   
If you are interested or know somebody who needs an outstanding housekeeper or nanny, here are Angela's contact details: 
Angela Moreno
mobile: 8 (905) 738-52-08
Pls do not hesitate to call me me if you would like to talk more about our experiences with Angela.
All the best and kind regards
Anika Stammkötter
Mobile: +7 985 929 1651

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