söndag 15 juli 2012

Goda ord om ryssar

Johan Nilsson som sedan flera år bor i Moskva och är gift med ryska Julia säger så här om ryssar:

Many people (actually - most of all the Russians themselves) keep telling me that "You cannot trust Russians", "Russians steal and cheat people" etc.

What I see day after day living here in Moscow is that Russia is Full of Warm, Loving, Caring, Trustworthy people who keep exceeding all expectations when it comes to helping you out in an unselfish way.

I keep telling how people have been friend
ly, unselfish or helped me and Julia out in different situations.

Those hearing it (mainly Russians) keep telling me to be careful and never trust people becuase they probably have some secret agenda and I don't understand the reality of how things work over here.

I keep seeing that time after time they were wrong and the friendly/helping Russian people were completely sincere and their actions simply reflected their warm hearts.

Tack Johan! Vilka uppfriskande ord! Vi håller med!

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