torsdag 28 februari 2013

I morgon fredag kl 17 Inbjudan till stor utstallning av Allan Gamborg - 'Soviet Moscow'

I morgon fredag fran kl 17 och framat har Allan Gamborg premiar pa sin nya utstallning: "Soviet Moscow" pa 'Andriaka Academy of Watercolour and Fine Arts', Ulitsa Akademika Vargi 15, narmaste Metro ar Teply Stan (orange linje, tre stationer fran slutet, rakt soderut).
Det ar en stor utstallning med ca 350 av Allans verk utstallda fran tiden 1920-1960 av ca 40 olika Sovjetiska konstnarer. Definitivt vart ett besok och rekommenderas varmt.

Skicka garna Allan ett email om du och dina vanner planerar att ga, sa skickar han inbjudan. 

Allan Gamborg, +7 903 790-6099,

Vagbeskrvning: Metro Teply Stan, the last car of the center, on the transition to the end, exit to the street Teply Stan, then bus 144, 227, 281 (144k bus, 58m) to stop, "st. Academician Vinogradov "
South West, then bus 144, 227, 281 to a stop, "st. Academician Varga, 2 "

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Soviet Moscow" on the 1st of March at 17.00 at the Andriaka Academy of Watercolour and Fine Arts, at Ulitsa Akademika Vargi 15.
Soviet Art is experiencing a come-back in popularity. Looking at historic events who took place more than half a century ago through the fine arts, we understand that these works of art no longer are everyday mundane objects, but have turned into a reflection of the beautiful but long gone dream of Socialism.
The works of art in Allan Gamborg Andersen's collection all tell a tale of a time and a place now gone; of places and people during the time of the Soviet Union. Every piece tells a story of the Soviet era - of places of hopes, of production, and of the history of the country in those intense and complicated times that had such an immense impact on the history of the whole world.
The collection of Soviet art was started in mid-1990s. It tries to express the duality of the double lives the many artists led: On the one hand they demonstrate the pride in country and system, the modernisation of production, the all pervasive aspects of politics, the propaganda in its various forms . On the other hand, the Collection tries to show the sun falling on a back street, the changing of the seasons in Moscow, young and elders leading their lives in the big city - in short a multitude of motives captured for no other reason than the love of it.
The main principle of Allan Gamborg Andersen's collection is that every work of art should tell a story. A quickly drawn sketch can tell and express as much as large, detailed oil composition.
You can find more information on the Academy's website (only in Russian)
The exhibition "Soviet Moscow" is open from March 1 to April 21 at the Andriaka Academy of Watercolour and Fine Arts.

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