måndag 24 september 2012

Wines of California - REA

Ett meddelande fran Sylvia som hade vinprovning med oss- Cecilia skriver pa eng:

Some of you participated in our SWEA wine tasting before the summer holidays so you know Sylvia who is selling very nice wine from California.
She asked me to send information to my friends that she is now selling all wines for 1000 rubles each, which is lower than usual.
Sylvia is moving to Vienna very soon, but deliveries will continue, I don't know for how long.
The wine tastes very nice!
You can find information about the wines and contact information to Sylvia on this website, if you would like to order: http://www.fancy-wines.com/
You can either send an email to Sylvia, or call her, or put wines in the "Wish list" on the website.
/Cecilia, viceordfsweamoskva@gmail.com

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