söndag 16 september 2012


Marilyn Murray aterger vidare vad hennes studenter berattar om sina forna liv i Sovjetunionen. Intressant att lasa for att forsta Ryssland och ryssar battre. I dag handlar det om att man inte kunde saga emot kommunistpartiet och vilka konsekvenser det fick for medborgarna. 

Las hela artikeln i Moscow Times har.

"I never will forget this time of utter humiliation," Raisa said. "We had to stand and face a long table where five Communist Party officials sat scowling at us. The chairman leapt from his chair and began frantically waving our letter. His voice erupted in a torrent of vile abuse aimed directly at our heads and hearts. 'Who do you think you are accusing the factory management of running an unhealthy facility? That factory is owned by the Soviet government, and when you accuse the management, you accuse the government. And you accuse the government, you accuse the Party! Are you so stupid that you do not understand that the Party never makes a mistake?'"

As he raged, his face turned crimson and the veins in his neck bulged with his venom, "We don't care if you defecate all over yourselves and each other. The Party is never wrong!"

At this point in her story, Raisa started laughing, and soon the whole class began to giggle and chuckle until we felt we were either going to collapse in laughter or break down in tears. The absurdity of the belief that maintaining an image of a "perfect, infallible Communist Party system" was far more crucial than human lives and that ordinary people would be deemed "traitors" for doing ordinary things was overwhelming. In the end, we also cried.

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