fredag 20 september 2013


I USA finns förslag att beskatta socker eftersom det troligen bidrar negativt till en hel massa sjukdomar. Detta verkar inte bekymra den ryska tennisstjärnan Maria Sharapova som just startat en business som säljer sötsaker..

Läs en intervju med henne i Moscow Times här.

Q: Being a prominent Russian and playing for the national team, do you feel pressure to help improve Russia’s image abroad?

A: I’ve never really felt pressure, because I was born there and I’m very proud of where I come from. I still have a lot of family there, and I represent my country on a daily basis. I love so many different aspects of Russia, from the culture to the strength of the people and how they get through difficult situations; I think that’s a really unique quality.
I’m surrounded by foreign people and Americans because I’m based in the U.S., because of my tennis. But when I’m home and I’m around my parents and when I speak to my grandparents, I still feel like Russia plays a very big part in my life and in my heart. And do I feel a responsibility to play for my country? Absolutely, even though I left at a very young age.

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