torsdag 6 december 2012

Ryska tragiska berattelser...

Psykologen Marilyn Murray skriver i Moscow Times om ryssars historia samt sociala och psykologiska fenomen. Det ar mycket intressant for att man battre kan forsta varfor saker ar som de ar har. Nedan ett utdrag ur henne senaste artikel How Stalin Turned Russian Patriots Into Enemies som handlar om hennes egna slaktingars tragiska historia. Mycket lasvart - skakande att lasa vad de gatt igenom

 They wept as they remembered those tragic years and how frightening and confusing it was. It was early September when the Soviet police came to their village and told them they could only take a few things with them — some clothes, a few cooking utensils and a little food. Everything else had to be abandoned: homes, livestock and precious belongings representing generations of our family, who were among the first settlers of this village in 1767.

Then Johannes stood up and began to share what happened to his younger brother. He grabbed the back of his thigh and said, "Every day a guard came up and grabbed us here. If there was any flesh at all between your skin and your bones, you had to work even though you were so weak you were like the walking dead. One day, the guard found no flesh at all on Peter. My brother begged to go where our mother and sister, Anna, lived in a village outside the camp."
His tears were a mirror of that horrific time as he said, "It was very cold and snowing. Peter died that night. My father had been sent to a different camp and we presumed he was dead. My youngest sister had died in Anna's arms a few months before. There was no medical treatment available. It is a miracle that any of us survived."

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