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Skidakning i och runt Moskva...

Nedanstaende har jag kopierat av vad vi hade ute for ett ar sedan om nagon har fler tips pa bra skidakning sa maila oss. ordfswemaoskva@gmail.com

For dig som vill ta en utflykt till en narliggande skidort rekommenderar vi Volen, en skidort inte sa langt fran Moskva. For mer info kontakta Anna Gustafson Bril. http://www.volen.ru/

Skidåkning i Volen

Förra helgen var jag på ett ställe 1 timma norr om Moskva som heter Volen. Se deras hemsida volen.ru. Tel till deras hjälplinje: 961 00 50. Det är en 'sportivny park', dvs lite backar (ca 10-talet) och skidliftar (8 liftar). Jag och min familj tyckte det var jättetrevligt om man vill göra en dagsutflykt runt Moskva och dessutom har lust att åka utför. Speciellt för mindre barn och nybörjare och medium-skidåkare är det mycket trevligt. Man kan hyra pjäxor, skidor, hjälm etc. För oss tre kostade utrustningen för en heldag 5000 Rubel samt lifterna 60 Rubel per åktur per person.
Skidlektioner finns direkt att tillgå, privatlektioner samt i grupp. Privatlektion barn 1 timma kostar 1500 Rubel och var jättebra.
Här finns också hotell och flera restauranger för den inbitne.
Det finns även skridskoåkning. Längdåkning kan finnas måste kolla det.
Vägbeskrivning: Man åker rakt norr ut ca 1 timma (46 km från MKAD) Dmitrovskoje Schosse (det tog oss 2 timmar tillbaka pga trafik). sedan kommer skyltar längs med vägen (волен) till vänster.
Det finns dessutom ytterligare ett berg där man kan åka skidor Stepanovo. Efter att du svängt av från motorvägen ta vänster i stället för höger mot Volen.

Längd-skidåkning i fina spår i Izmailovo parken!

För att komma dit se beskrivning nedan:
By car: Go east along Shosse Entuziastov 33, pass Metro Shosse Entuziastov and Ismailova Park will be soon be on your left. Continue straight ahead, passing a TNK garage on the left side of the road. You will then see the semi-circular entrance to the sports complex on your left. The main gates are open so if you leave the tram you walk through the gate towards the red building and behind that there it is .

By metro and tram: Take the Yellow Line metro to Shosse Entuziastov . Come up the escalator and turn left into the underpass (take the 3rd set of stairs on the right). Go under the roads to the north side of the Shosse Entuziastov road 33. Come up and catch the tram (not trolley bus) to the East (= direction out of town) for 2 stops. (trams come every 2 minutes.) Buy the tickets on one of these kiosks, in the tram they are more expensive.
The tram stop is in front of the semi-circular entrance to the sports club. The main gates are open so if you leave the tram you walk through the gate towards the red building and behind there it is.

Indoor Down-hill Skiing

Newly constructed www.snej.com, an indoor ski slope in a northern suburb of the capital, the ski season never has to end. The slope held its grand opening last year, 2008. The indoor slope, which is the first of its kind in Russia, is located in the Krasnogorsk district. With the same area as four football pitches - 60 meters wide and 400 meters long - the resort can accommodate up to 600 skiers at any one time. "People of any level can ski here - from beginners to professionals," Maxin Biryukov, the resort's press secretary, told The Moscow News. He also spoke of plans to open an official ski school at the site in the near future.
Year-round snow is created using "Ice Crash" technology, which can pump out up to 30 tons of snow every 24 hours by rapidly turning frozen water into soft flakes. The cannon has an advantage over other producers of artificial snow, in that it will set firmly and not create mist on the tracks when skied over. A constant, alpine temperature of -4/-5 degrees centigrade is maintained with the help of 56 fans. Humidity will be kept at around 60-70 percent.

As well as the indoor slope, the resort also contains an Aqua-park, shopping center, bowling alley and all-season ice rink. No leisure location in Moscow would be complete without a VIP zone, and true to form there is a separate relaxation area off the piste for "VIP skiers" which has its own masseur, trainer and restaurant. There is also a 600-lot car park, as the resort cannot be reached by the city's metro system.
Snezh.kom was built with the support of the Moscow Regional Government, though officials at the resort could not comment on the budget of the site's construction.

The complex is the newest of more than 30 indoor ski slopes across the world, including countries such as the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Japan. The world's first man-made, year-round slope was Ice Arena, outside Adelaide, Australia. The site has since closed due to unsupportable running costs.
Prices for out of season skiing are slightly higher than at the Moscow region's natural slopes. An hour on the indoor slope at weekends or national holidays costs 400 rubles for children and 1,200 for adults, while an hour on weekday evenings costs 200 and 900 rubles for children and adults respectively.

Skis and snowboards can both be hired for 200 rubles per hour, and boots for 100 rubles per hour.
contact: +7 498 725 0000, http://www.snej.com/


Outdoor downhill skiing

You are somewhere in the French Alps, skiing down a slope covered in fresh, crisp snow. The air is clean, the sky is blue and all that can be seen for miles around are dazzlingly white mountains and the occasional chalet.

Then you wake up, coughing, in your Moscow bed. The only snow you can see from your window is already brown with the city's soot, and you know the only downhill ride you'll be making that day is on the escalator to the Metro platform. But it doesn't have to be this way. Moscow has the rare distinction of being a capital city that actually has ski slopes inside its boundaries. Val d'Isere and Alpe d'Huez they are not, but none are more than thirty minutes from the city center.

The most central is on Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills), a steep 150 meter run down a constructed piste in the south of the city. The slope is just next to a large metal ski jump built for the 1980 Olympic Games, though this is not open to the general public. Skiing is free - the only expense is the 30-ruble pass to ride the chair lift to the top of the tree-covered hills. To get access to the slope, walk from the Vorobyovy Gory metro station along the Moscow River to an office where the lift tickets can be bought.
Skis and snowboards are not available for rent from the office, but if you have your own equipment the trip is well worth it. From the top of Sparrow Hills you get a panoramic view of the capital, which becomes especially impressive at night with the lights of the city burning below. The run is open from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m., so there is plenty of opportunity for after-dark skiing.

Another spot in which to fulfill your Alpine fantasies is a man-made mound on Sevastopolsky Prospekt, just outside Bitsevsky Park. In the season this makes an impressive downhill alternative to the cross-country tracks through Bitsevsky, and a full set of skiing gear (boots, poles and skis) can be hired at the foot of the hill for 350 rubles. Remember to bring your passport to leave at the office as you ski, otherwise a 17,000 ruble security deposit for equipment is required.
Bitsevsky Park has four runs, including a nursery slope on which individual hour-long lessons are available for 950 rubles. Again, entrance is free but there is a 20 ruble fee for each lift ride.

The third and most varied option for skiing in Moscow is the Kant sports club, which boasts 11 slopes and is reachable from the Nagornaya metro station. Skis and snowboards can be rented from 450 rubles, and lessons can be arranged for 850 rubles an hour. The offer is open to adult beginners as well as children, if you can bear the humiliation of falling over in the snow as a group of five year-olds sail effortlessly past you. There are several ways to warm up at Kant after the slopes, as the resort also includes a café and sauna.

One city skier at Bitsevsky Park said, "I enjoy coming here, but if I can I prefer to leave Moscow to go skiing." But while the pistes at the likes of Vorobyovy Gory and Bitsevsky might not compare to resorts like Sorochany or Paramonova several kilometers out of the city, it's unlikely that you'd be able to go from office to piste in half an hour in any other European capital.
Vorobyovy Gory - +7 495 939 0037
Bitsevsky Park - +7 495 275 3365
Kant - www.kant.ru , +7 499 317 6101

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